We make your life simple and your money work harder.


Our end-to-end serviced platform enhances each step of the audience activation process to make it efficient, measurable and transparent.

Happyfication dashboard

Manage  |  comprehensive dashboard

Follow the preparation and execution of your campaigns in real time across your entire brand portfolio.

Deep dive as needed to add commentary to a brief, explore audience behaviors, review media plans, validate ecommerce conversion tags, and much more...

Happyfication precognitive intelligence

Prepare  |  precognitive intelligence


Leverage relevant trending content, key influencers or even intelligence about your competition, to build custom audiences.

Expand the reach of your best performing segments through machine learning. 

Happyfication briefing

Brief  |  powerful framework

Easily define your key objectives in order of priority. 

Let the platform automatically match the best key performance indicators for efficiency and effectiveness.

Organize, share and validate all the information your teams need: timings, audiences, brand proposition, available assets, desired tracking and measurement...

Happyfication audience planning

Target | audience planning

Model and analyze your target audiences way beyond socio-demographic data: touchpoint affinity, key interests, lifestyle segmentation, location, content interaction, offline and online shopping, decision journey...

Estimate your investment thresholds based on specific targets and/or markets.

Happyfication data planning

Segment | data planning

Layer your first party data (past campaigns, site traffic..) with premium third party data to create high-performing segments: look-alike (socio-demo based), act-alike (behavioral based) and shop-alike (purchase based).

Compare and optimize their performances over time and across brands.

Happyfication omni-media planning

Invest | omni-media planning

Break the silos and create more synergies between online and offline, programmatic and linear, push and pull media.

Plan against each of your business objectives in a single place to have a precise and holistic view of all your investments.

Estimate your reach, coverage on target, optimal frequency and overlap between touchpoints.

Happyfication attribution modeling

Tag | attribution modeling

Build multi-touch attribution models with our simple yet robust tag management system.

Follow your audience interactions across ad units, websites, apps, social platforms, ecommerce, content partners...

Happyfication Trafficking

Execute | advanced trafficking

Set up your campaign with extreme precision across a multitude of touchpoints, publishers, languages, contents and audiences.

Happyfication geo planning

Optimize | data-driven media buying

Mix probabilistic and deterministic models to select the best OOH locations, TV programs, mobile geofences, premium websites, social platforms... based on your target audience characteristics.

Happyfication Reporting

Learn | interactive reporting

Deep dive into your weekly campaign report, complete with:
- campaign status and media trader's notes
- performance analysis by touchpoints, publishers,  audiences, creative assets...
- delivery quality, viewability,  fraud detection and brand safety tracking
- daily optimization stats
- overlap and frequency analysis
- location and time map
- exposed and engaged audience intelligence
- campaign effectiveness measurement: awareness, consideration, purchase intent

Happyfication audit

Consolidate | transparent audit

Control all costs for media, data, technology, creative production, overheads and more.

Understand value generated, seasonality, negotiation... campaign by campaign, brand by brand or for an entire portfolio.